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Well hello everyone,

Normally i don't do these types of journaling or blogging. But it's come onto my attention that even though the Brony fandom has indeed changed the way the world sees creativity and gender biases people like myself who express their love for the show by having their character as their default pic / wearing clothing items i've noticed that I've run into many haters even judgmental bronies. Especially at my school and on youtube as well.

Simply having a mlp based symbol had me receiving hateful replies to comments i made on youtube. Solely upon the basis of liking the show.

In terms of going to school ( I'm in college by the way lol) I run into bronies who look at my shirt and interact with me in a condescending manner. No longer that " Hey you're brony awesome!! *brohoof*" kind of thing from yrs past. Where people would be happy to meet someone with the same interest. at one point i simply wore the twilight symbol on a dress shirt for halloween and it caused quite an uproar. A few women were talking about the newest mlp episode at the time and i had to get going to my class, as I walked by they exclaimed loudly to basically the entire caffeteria. "EW OMG HE'S DRESSED AS TWILIGHT?!?!?"

Have we really come so far that instead of taking a stand against haters we've now created ourselves to be haters where we can't even interact with other bronies?

Now this is only from my point of view. I know there are millions of other good bronies out there. I'm just a little down that the ones I've interacted with didn't really enjoy my company.   I'm actually not even the one who initiates first contact. It's them and they of course put me down as if I'm some dumb person who watches the show. I watch mlp the same as any other person who likes their cartoon show.

I'm not judgemental of any show heck when sailor moon was the only thing on tv i could find ( me being 5 or 6 at the time) I watched it. I didn't care. I still watch it to this day because it was a good show. I don't mind of gender biases. I care of it being a good story and something to take my mind of the real world. We all need that once in a while.

I decided to vent a bit here since this account is where I'm mostly interacting with other bronies through their work.


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